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Liver Patte on Cracker with Mustard - The Yellow Bellied Liver Lover.

SwordFish is the Sword Fighitng Fish, of course.

Hush Puppies are Cannon Balls.

Linguini with Cream Sauce and Small Bagette - Swabbing the Deck

Brownie with Sculpted Skull and Candy Bones - The Jolly Roger

A long fried Wonton Wraper, with sauce on one side, and a pile of Chicken A La King on the other side - La King the Plank.

I'm sure more will come to me.

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I'm not sure if I feel like going down and waiting at GK tonight, for a group that may or may not exist, for it hasn't responded to the posted ad, and for a shop that will shunt the RP'ers into a place that they can't be seen.

On a more complex level, I'm still trying to get a solid good idea for the Fate Core system, which after playing with dice seems to be a lot more of a player hostile system than it first appears. Success numbers are really fixed, and there is not as much room for forgiveness in FATE than there is in Storyteller. It pretty much is spend points or fail if you try something hard, and that worries me.

Actually, what worries me is that I have been trying to make characters based on well established characters from TV series, and I've been drawing blanks. The high concepts don't cover enough, the troubles for some characters are just hard to settle down on, and I worry that taking Approaches or setting up skills is... not enough. Like the points are aimed low and should be aimed higher.

At first, I worried about the compel system, and while I still am mindful that I need to be mindful of it, it feels like the main mechanic of the game. You probably could ditch the dice, rely purely on Fate Points, and end up with about the same system.

Running this cold, with a bare idea of a Mystery, sounds like a horrible idea to me, and it's bugging me that i can't get excited about this game. This game should be exciting. It's like I'm approaching the game wrong.

I seriously need a group to play this with before I run it with the public. I need to know if I'm not wasting people's time with this.

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Okay, yeah... it uses way too many orchastra hits... it uses the inception sound... but darn it, It makes me feel like I'm flying through the Canyons of Mars. (Bonus points to those that know the reference)
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I have never had a good experience with Play by Post, ever. I've wanted to. There are times where I am really optimistic that this time, it'll be different, but no. Every single time it is disappointment. It basically runs down to three factors.

1)You don't get to do cool stuff because time has to be frozen for things you are not involved in.

This is a primary one. If there is a combat somewhere in the PbP, then you aren't actually allowed to move time forward. This happened to me in one game, new character, I get the only one clue of what might be going on from the GM, and I go there, and I'm not allowed to investigate the scene where I went to, because over at this other section, there is a Battle going on. So instead of being able to actually do anything, I just sit there for over a week of real time, waiting and poking the DM to throw me a bone. While I get to interact with a new PC, they don't have anything to connect up with my character at all, and they can't do anything either.

It's just not cool to have other people be doing the cool stuff, and leaving other people out in the dark.

2) You don't get to do what you're interested in, because the DM doesn't care.

This one Exalted game, which no one would tell me what was going on so I could build an approriate character, I decided that I would play the Batman style character. I generated this Page long background (something I don't do because... you know... the DM doesn't care) explaining that I'm an enforcer, I hunt down viruses, and I'm in the world to stop a virus from spreading into the real world.

However, the DM needed me to be this diplomatic type for this other diplomat no one told me anything about... and so my stealth based assassin type build, completely useless. Furthermore, because the PC who I was suppose to be helping had quit the game over a month ago, I was being steered by the DM into helping a non-existent plot. So I spent three weeks, established my own character and handed the DM a story and plot to play with, and not have it matter.

3) You're screwed because the DM doesn't look at your character sheet.

In just about every game, no one has ever paid attention to the type of character I am playing. Playing a Merchant? Great, it's a combat game. Playing a Combat Monster, great. It's a Diplomacy game. Playing an Investigator? Boring, not allowed. Every Freaking Time. You would think that the PBP environment would all be about personal stories and getting plots customized to your characters, but forget that noise! You'll just do whatever the DM wants, because, you know, that has nothing to do with what you are actually doing or not doing.

4) You don't get to do anything, because the DM's doesn't give enough world information.

There was this one game where this person built their own world, and gave a loose description of what the world was about, but there was so much information missing, and that the DM tried to shotgun and punish players for not knowing about, that everyone left the game immediately. It might not have even been a bad game, but because the DM didn't communicate with people beforehand, no one wanted to dance through the mess.


I bring all this up, because someone was talking about having me run a 13th age game online, using Voip. I'm not sure I really want to, partly because I'm *really* bad at maintaining a scheduled game, and partly, because every experience with online play outside of one on SL was just bad. That one good game, died halfway through the first adventure.

I just don't think it's worth my time, and that makes me sad.
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I doodled a cartoon zebra today... without having to get energy to do so...

Maybe I'm able to do art again. I'd like to think so.
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Okay... I'm peeved now.

Below is the link to the illustration. It is one of about 3 or 4 defining poster images of the Death of Smaug.
How can you mess this up? )
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Nine Lives 1 - Partial

I'm learning a language in all the wrong ways, really. I am learning to write words that are important to me, without any context. I am doing it because I find the characters pretty and elegant. I plan on doing 8 more of these, and trying to make better characters each time.

Lesson of the day, use a round brush! .... which, of course, means I'm going to have to really invest on getting a much large round. *sigh* Brushes are expensive.
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It's about hacking, and mainly what people are after, and what it does. It doesn't go into great depth, but it is informative about lots of little things.
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Now You See Me is a complicated film. I don't know if I would recommend it. However, it's not because I believe the film is bad. I think it's brilliant, but lazy.

Unlike The Presitge, which is about a conflict with two magicians with a Sci-Fi twist, this ends up being a story about Revenge that is drapped with The Caper trappings, with Four Magicians being the focus.

The reason it's horrible as a Mystery, is that the clue to who the person who organized the capers was really, really bad, obscure, and completely counter intuitive. As such, the whole audience is deceived into believe it's a caper film till about two thirds of the way through the film, if they were paying attention.

So, instead, it tries to play the ending off as a Thriller, but by the time you get to the ending, you don't care. The question of "Why" gets answered, but because we don't know *who* is out to get revenge, we don't care that they do. When the big secret is revealed at the end, we are like "What?' and then... well... we don't see the matchup, really.

The whole film gets so caught up in the Magician Distraction trope, that it messes itself up on the payoff because of that.


Now if you know me, I really like Magican Stories, because they remind me of my Grandfather, and as a Magician Film, this one stinks. The over reliance of CGI to create tricks that are to wow the audience does not impress me. Some zombie wires over a girl so she can be lifted over an audience in a CGI balloon does not impress me. Using the CGI to create editing tricks for a materialization comes off as cheap and unprofessional. Was there some real tricks? Yes. The close up artist they got at least know their stuff, and the opening Glass Box scene was really good and showy, and I can see someone really doing the trick. I won't even judge it that much.

However, this show never, EVER was about the magic, and that was the biggest disappointment of them all. You see some standard routines, some CGI trickery, and that's it. The Prestige, even with the Sci Fi element added in, was a lot more satisfying.


Honestly, this is a middle of the roader, and probably worth nothing more then a rental. It's honest fun, the story itself isn't bad, but you don't realize what story it is till about halfway through the film, and it's prologue could have been much stronger.


Aug. 25th, 2013 09:32 am
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Here is a list of almost random Goddesses for you, with the names I'm thinking of giving them.

Isis, Mistress of Secrets
Bast, Mother of All Cats (Okay, I don't actually have to give Bast this name, she owns it)
Minerva, Defender of Civilization
Prosperpine, The Lady of Time
Damona, Mother of Divine Waters
Morrigan, The Queen of Battle

... and there you go.
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So for those of you near San Francisco, is there anyone who would like to join me to see Wolf Children in the coming week? (They're sold out this week, darn it!)

Old Art

Jun. 26th, 2013 03:52 pm
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Okay... so apparently, I can't even sell old art. No one really bothered looking. What am I to do with this? I don't really want to throw it away.

I seriously don't know what to do on any level. I don't feel I have wasted my time, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore.
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Thinking about Popeye, the film, for a moment, it occurs to me what a risk was taken casting Robin Williams as Popeye. Robin does an adequate job as Popeye. He's not strong, per say, but he almost has the banter right, and he has the physical comedy down pat. He doesn't have the singing voice the role requires, but frankly, none of the cast does.

However, that may be completely on purpose. Popeye in the Cartoons isn't known for a singing voice, and all the characters tend to grate when they sing. It could be that the whole musical part of the film was specially ill cast to emulate Popeye even better. While this makes the film a little harder to take as a Musical, as a faithful story presentation of Popeye, it works.

Overall, it's only the casting of Robin Williams that makes me wonder about the film, because he's a hard sell, even when watching the film. Part of it may be script based, but he has a tendency to overplay Popeye, and I think that is what people react to the film the most.

Popeye the Film floats in that awkward space between cartoons and live action. While some movies pull this off brilliantly (See Space Battleship Yamoto for an excellent example), Popeye at times tends to be clutzy, keeping a realistic vision of a very cartoony world, and one that still stays faithful to the Cartoon.

It is interesting art, and in that fashion, I find the film fascinating.
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One of the last conflicts of WWII to be recorded on film, a desperate attack by the Japanese to push back the American Navy succeeds in taking the carrier USS Franklin out of commission. There is some remarkable footage of the men fighting fires on the decks, and of a wing sheer off of the Japanese fighter, that goes into a long falling spin.

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a) Well, I have like three of 6 or 8 pages done for the little Ask Oni Why! Project, and it's coming along. Part of me just has to let go of perfection and just get things done. I should have some of them posted soon, and we'll see if people like it or not.

b) Lost time in Borderlands 2. I'm not sure if I really like the game, or if I just like the way the game renders. I'm curious to see where the story goes. Probably a "Play once, and then forget" kind of thing.

c) My art auctions on Ebay are, once again, going nowhere. There is a statistic that like 80% of auctions don't actually get a bid, and there is a question of not aiming at a specific target and that I have yet to develop a good sales pitch.

d) I'm thinking of taking commissions, and am trying to figure out if there is a need of my art on a product somewhere. I just really need feedback from a community somewhere.

It's very much a shaman kinda thing. You can't be a shaman without a community to serve. You can be an artist without a community to serve, but it's not very fulfilling if you do.
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I'm selling off excess art that has seen art shows, but never left home. Please consider buying some to brighten up your home or personal spaces.
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A poor extremist campaign to... spread hate? I don't know. He just doesn't like it, and he wants to be mean, because it makes him empowered. Oooo....

Dang it, Internet. I'm just looking for art blogs. Give me a art blog that is worth paying attention to.
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My only disappointment about the Hobbit Trailer? Smaug is supposed to be covered in gold. That is what protects him from all the weapons of man, and it takes one really good shot from a freaking enchanted arrow by an incredible archer in the only weak spot on the dragon to take him down.

I realize that Red has been a tradition since Rankin/Bass edition, but they were wrong. I know it's what people expect, but I was hoping that the detail would have been realized.

As far as expanded Story stuff, it's fine. It'll be fun. I don't feel the movie would disappoint, but I really wanted the color to be right. It's still a great looking dragon, though.
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I'm thinking of doing something silly.

Ask a deer girl why! Why what? Why, anything at all! Has to be in the form of a Why Question though.

Things like Why do Bees Sting, or Why do cows moo! Or whatever else.

And no Why? Why question! Why by itself isn't a question, it's an exclamation, and that just won't do!

I'm going to doodle a few comics based on questions. I think. That's the plan, anyway.

So please, ask away!

[Art] Gwen

Jun. 7th, 2013 04:08 pm
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I'm still alive! I'm still making things! This is a quicky just to let you know that.
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The dream has been moving though a couple of segments, but my 'character' ends up at this dinner held by a faction inside an organization that was experimenting on Hellboy, and they had invited all the key people to come to dinner to discuss the Project... and they were serving this blue food and blue wine, and it was very pretty, but me and the person next to me were not tempted to touch it, although several people at the very long trapezoidal table had at least sipped the wine out of thirst and politeness.

At some point the Head Villian was monologuing, and the mooks were coming up behind other people, and I looked to the old jolly man next to me, and asked him to declare me Yojimbo. Then warning everyone I had void strike, time slowed down and I prepared to make my move...

Which is precisely when I woke up, of course... but I would like to think it ended in a chase scene as I tried to get people out of there, of course. For my dreams *love* chase scenes.
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... I just looked breifly at Fiverr... my bottom lip is in pain, and I am really, really wanting to cry now. OMG, it is depressing how much art people are just giving away for nothing...

No, I think I really am in pain. I don't think I can look at micro-payment sites anymore. OMG...
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I don't know what people want.... and I really wish I could figure out what they wanted, but in all reality, I am betting people don't know what they want.


May. 20th, 2013 01:03 pm
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What does one do with a pound of Bacon Bits? I never knew it took up so much space!
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Why is it when you love someone, or you miss someone, or you lose someone, you feel the hallowness or fullness in your chest (our heart)? I mean, if you discount the soul, which I do not, is there a reason that the pain or joy would be there?
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Where the heck is my energy?
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Anyone know of a group that has a spot open? I'll run if I need to, but I'd like something to do on the weekend. General Bay Area, please.

Not that I expect anything, but I thought I might ask here before advertising to other places of the world.
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